Fillum Fallum

Here’s something strange. An artist called Aditya Mandayam uses a laptop computer to expose photographic paper and make short movies. He calls them Laptopograms. Sheets of Ilford paper are placed on the screen of the computer and an image is exposed. The paper is then developed in the darkroom in the normal way to make a print. This by-passes the usual film developing and enlarging steps of analogue photography.

To say the least it’s a novel way of making photographs but what makes it really weird is that Mandayam is making films – sequences of moving action! The artist places  hundreds or even thousands of sheets of photographic paper on the screen, one after the other, develops them, and then scans them all to put back in the computer. The images are then sequenced into short films! See more on fillum fallum.


One thought on “Fillum Fallum

  1. This really is ‘new media’ – fascinating.
    Especially when one of the films on the link provided is of Eadweard J. Muybridge’s galloping buffalo. Scanned and reassembled.

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