Last Call

Last Call, by Judith Stenneken

German photographer Judith Stenneken has won first prize in the 2010 Photography Book Now competition, worth $25,000. The competition is run by the online publisher

Stenneken’s book is a melancholy exploration of Templehof airport in Berlin, which is closing down. Templehof was Berlin’s main airport for many years and has great historic value. It was built on Hitler’s orders in 1936 and was one of the largest architectural structures in the world. It was the focus of the Berlin Air Lift in 1948.

This is a fine book, going by the images online at Blurb. It is a good match for the two previous winners, Beth Dow’s 2008 In the Garden, and Rafal Milach’s 2009 book Black Sea of Concrete. You can go online to either of the above book sites and scroll through them and purchase them if you want.


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