Ebay is listing a very special item, a de Golden Busch 20″x24″ camera. This is a real rarity because it’s almost the largest film format ever and only a few of these particular cameras were ever made. Douglas Busch is a U.S. photographer who produced his own extra large format cameras in the 1980s, you can see them on his website here. He also made a 40″x 60″ version.

It is a real step into the 19th century, before enlargers made smaller film formats viable. A 20″x24″ negative is contact-printed, the print is the same size as the negative, preserving all the sharpness, detail, and tonal clarity of the negative. In area, each shot is 480 square inches, vs 1½ square inches for 35mm film. As Busch states on his website, “I am interested in presenting reality more accurately than I can actually see it.”

The camera comes with it’s own engineered tripod, film holders and 610mm f12 lens. It’s going for $11000. Surprisingly, film is still available, Glazers of Seattle has 20″x24″ Ilford FP4 plus in stock at $604 for a 25 sheet box. That means that every time you press the shutter, it’s $24!


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