Death of Fox Talbot

Quinn Jacobson, The Death of Fox Talbot

Here is a curious thing, a photographic joke for insiders. Quinn Jacobson, the Wet Plate exponent (see my Arcana post of November 10 below) was  at Kensal Green cemetery in London for a commemoration of Frederick Scott Archer. Archer was the 19th century photographer who invented the Wet Plate process in 1851, a method of photography so successful that it soon killed the Calotype process patented by Fox Talbot in the 1840s.

The curious thing is that not far from the Scott Archer memorial, Jacobson found a dead fox on the ground, a bizarre omen for Fox Talbot. He photographed it using his Wet Plate camera and titled the image The Death of Fox Talbot. As I say, a photographic joke for insiders.

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