The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman, has posted a short video documentary about his work and it’s worth having a look at to see how he does it. The image above is a still from the video showing him at work. Below is the photograph he had just taken.

Schuman’s very successful blog,, is simply photographs taken on on the street of people wearing interesting fashion. He prowls for four or five hours a day, approaching people he thinks are dressed with flair. They are not models, just people on the street. His is a gentle aesthetic, capturing the originality of people in their self-expression through clothes. He is fully engaged with the life of the street and his camera records a unique aspect of it.

To see the video, go to the Thursday January 6 post at The Sartorialist.

On the Street…Chinatown, New York. Posted Monday December 20 2010

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