Weston’s Daybooks

Edward Weston in 1937

I’ve been re-reading Edward Weston’s Daybooks after 25 years, an inspiring narrative that shows you how hard a serious artist works.

I’ve discovered some poignant facts. In 1930 he sold his prints for $12.50! According to Dollar Times that is worth about $150 in 2010 money. They would be 10″x8″ exhibition quality contact prints, some of the best darkroom prints ever made. Where is my damn time machine!

He also reports buying a Kandinsky lithograph from Galka Scheyer (the L.A. dealer of Kandinsky). He paid $3.00! Using Dollar Times again, that’s $37.89. Hell, I accord afford dozens!

The Daybooks can be bought from Aperture. You won’t regret it.

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