War Photo Limited

Eric Bouvet, from the series ‘Somewhere over Grozny’

War Photo Limited is an art gallery in Dubrovnik that shows war photojournalism. This must be unique though I can think of no more appropriate place for it; Dubrovnik was shelled by the Serbian military during the 1990s war that saw the break up of Yugoslavia.

The gallery is the project of Wade Goddard, a former New Zealand photojournalist who covered several conflicts as a photographer. He gave it up, as he told me, “because I was sick of chicken and rice dinners and idiots with guns.”

The gallery is extensive and well fitted out. When I was there in July it was showing three exhibitions: Somewhere over Grozny, about the Russian military destruction of Chechnia; Eighteen, portraits and statements of young Palestinians; and a collection of disturbing photographs of the Yugoslav war.

The current exhibition, On Revolution Road, is about the Arab Spring, the recent uprisings across the Arab world, with photographs by Yuri Kozyrev.

The gallery website is www.warphotoltd.com and shows images and text from previous exhibitions. It’s a very good resource if you’re interested in photojournalism, or the representation of conflict.


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