White Modern

Greg Neville, The Barcelona Pavillion, (2011)

One of my other sites is modernismus.wordpress.com where I’ve created an archive of my photographs of modernist architecture. The images have been taken during my travels and research trips both in Australia and overseas. The images on this post, more of which can be seen on the Europe page at modernismus.wordpress.com/europe, show the durability of the modernist ideal in architecture.

The Barcelona Pavillion above was designed by Mies van der Rohe in the 1920s, but the actual structure you see is a 1980s copy of the destroyed original. It is accurate in every detail.

Greg Neville, Bosnian Historical Museum (2011)

The Bosnian Historical Museum in Sarajevo dates from the period 1959-63. It is an immaculate cantilevered white box seeming to floating above the smaller volume it rests on. It was designed in high modernist style by three Zagreb architects, Boris Magaš, Edo Šmidihen and Radovan Horvat. The Serbs tried to blow it up in the Balkan war of the 1990s – when I saw it in 2011 it wore many bullet hole – but it survives.

Greg Neville, Museu D'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (2011)

This final image, shows the continuing development and relevance of high modernism. It is the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona, the work of U.S. architect Richard Meiers, who also built L.A.s Getty museum, amongst many others. It was built in the 1990s, and shows the influence of Le Corbusier.


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