My Life in Cameras no.20

20. CANON G10

The Canon G10, and it’s later versions the G11 and G12, are for people who like the ways cameras used to operate – as machines. The steel body and external dials give you a feeling of control. It’s chunky and heavy in the hand, not a dainty camera as so many are. The designers have pitched it men, not women, and men who grew up with film cameras.

The weakness of this camera is the puny sensor which measures about 5×7 millimetres. That’s millimetres. On this tiny space they claim to have 14 million pixels. Also, it has an optical viewfinder in addition to the normal viewing screen, but it was designed with such lazy carelessness that it’s rarely used. Despite that, it’s a great traveller’s camera, as you see below.

Greg Neville. Horse lover, Kyneton Cup, 2010

Greg Neville. A long ride, Budapest, 2010

Greg Neville. There’s a party in my car!. 2011

Greg Neville. Anarchist headquarters, Northcote 2009

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