Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg

Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg are two New York artists working in the field of fashion photography, she is a photographer, he is a digital media specialist. The combination of their talents has produced a series of startling images, fashion stills that move. They have branded this technique ‘Cinemagraph,’  cinema-photograph.

The couple create images that are conceived as still photographs but captured as video (the above image contains 35 frames). Post-production eliminates all but a few traces of recorded motion, then the file is saved using the .gif format. At least I think that’s what they do.

The Turnstyle blog interviewd them about their work: An animated .gif is usually a sequence of stills pulled from video, animated art, or other imagery that is repurposed into a .gif. What we do is different because it’s a traditional still photograph with a moment living within it. 

We wanted to tell more of a story than a single still frame photograph, but didn’t want the high maintenance aspect of a video. In preparation for Fashion Week we were trying to figure out a way to show more about what it was like being there, so cinemagraphs were born out of a need to tell a story in a fast digital age.

This is a new thing in photography and you can see more of it on their sites: and

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