Koenning’s Lacunae

Katrin Koenning, Lacuna 00

Melbourne’s new photography gallery, Edmund Pearce (Edmund who?) has had a group show that included the work of Katrin Koenning, an emigré German photographer who lives in the city. Her work can be viewed on her excellent website www.katrinkoenning.com. The images may remind you of Lorca diCorcia‘s urban photos, I can’t argue with that, although he in turn might have have once been compared to Harry Callahan who also shot in big city canyons.

Koenning has found a Melbourne city street where light penetrates only briefly during the day like a spotlight. Passers by are caught like actors on a stage, and Koenning’s long lens draws out the drama with great precision. The image below looks like a stage version of Dante’s Inferno.

Katrin Koenning, Lacuna 06


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