The silver age


How many film cameras are still on the market? Is the analogue age continuing or has digital killed it dead?

What you see above are the main film camera models on the B&H website. These are 35mm and medium format SLRs and rangefinders, panoramics, large format field and studio cameras in 5×4 and 10×8. I’ve left out the myriad Lomo and instant film cameras, and pinholes.

The advance of digital technology has been faster than anyone imagined fifteen years ago, witness how Kodak was caught unawares. But there is still a considerable market for analogue photography, Rollei has just announced a new line of black and white films, and Lomo, makers of Holga, are rumored to be a potential buyer for Big Yellow’s film business.

The brands shown are Nikon, Canon, Vivitar, Voigtlander and Zeiss, Mamiya, Rollei, and Hasselblad, Linhof, Wista, Toyo, Arca and Horseman, all worthy of survival. But who does that leave out? Pentax, Minolta and Bronica are among the casualties of the last 10 or more years.


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