Seinfeld’s camera


Jerry Seinfeld’s latest project is simple, it’s comedians in cars getting coffee. The show is so simple he named it Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee! Seinfeld picks up a comedian in his car and they drive to a café and get coffee. The banter between them is what makes the show, which is natural and unscripted.


How is it shot? Have a close look at these images and you’ll see tiny GoPro cameras fixed near the windscreen. Together with a third one in the middle, they record all the action in the car. It is a measure of how far we’ve come in the shrinking of camera and recording equipment that a mainstream performer like Seinfeld can create his show, admittedly for webisodes rather than TV broadcast, with pocket-sized gear.

As a kid in 1962, I spoke to a Channel 9 cameraman unloading a television camera at an outside broadcast. It was the size of a washing machine and had to be moved on a large hand truck. He said it cost £10,000, about eight times the average annual wage. By my calculations it would take a worker about 2,700 days to buy it. It only shot black & white and its quality would not have been much compared to a GoPro which currently retails for about $300, or about two days work!




This episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee shows Jerry with Michael Richards who played Kramer in Seinfeld.


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