Thomas Roma

Thomas Roma 2

Thomas Roma, Found in Brooklyn

Look at these curious images by Thomas Roma. They seem to bend the subject through the picture-plane. That sad-looking tree on the right has lost a branch, but it seems to miraculously arise again as a shadow on the building. The small miracles you find in the suburbs!

Thomas Roma

Thomas Roma, Found in Brooklyn

In this image Roma has made a collage without using scissors. The tree divides the picture which seems to be made up of other pictures.The photographs are from his book Found in Brooklyn.

Roma is a busy U.S. photographer. He is professor of photography at Columbia University, has published twelve books and in his spare time (spare time?) he builds his own cameras. These include the Pannaroma – not the Panorama –  named after his wife Anna. Despite his own surname, his camera-building operation is called the Siciliano Camera Works. Check it out.

There’s an amusing fragment on You-Tube where he talks about the emptiness he feels after finishing a project. He says that if you give the project everything you’ve got, you should feel nothing.



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