Wendy Ewald at the CCP


Centre for Contemporary Photography

The Wendy Ewald exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Photography closes on Sunday, November 10. This is a fascinating show, a well-curated summary of this photographic educator’s long and brilliant career.

For more than forty years, Wendy Ewald has been making art with children, families and teachers in countries across the world, from the US and Colombia to India, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. Both artist and educator, Ewald embraces the principles of experiential learning. Using pictures to teach children and teaching children to take pictures, she combines their astonishing images with her own, and adds their rich, colourful and often poignant stories of coming to terms with situations of social conflict and rapid change.

Presented for the first time in Australia this inspiring model for creativity, and poignant, beautiful exhibition spans four decades and four continents. Ewald has learned to recognise what other people see, the questions their visions ask of the world and, finally, how to allow their perceptions to surface with her own.


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