Mirrors and windows 2


Greg Neville, Hommage to Lee in black & white

A sort-of self-portrait made on the street in a shop window. The original is in colour but as a monochrome it more closely resembles the inspiration for it, the self-portraits of Lee Friedlander. He has made many such photographs on the street using shadows and reflections.

My favourite is ‘New Orleans, Louisiana 1978’, where he aimed directly into a shop window showing his silhouetted reflection, the street behind him, and a tiny mirror inside the shop with his reflected form positioned over his heart. It’s a neat composition and it has that dry visual wit he’s so good at. That man behind him always reminded me of the waiting figure of Death in an early episode of The Twilight Zone.


Lee Friedlander, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1978


My photograph tries the same trick and even has a couple of extra versions of me. How did I do, Lee?.

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