Odds Against Tomorrow 4

The 1959 movie Odds Against Tomorrow culminates in a heist of this bank in Hudson, upstate New York. That door and clock are significant in the holdup scene.

I noticed the similarity between the woman walking down the street and one of my favourite Harry Callahan photographs, ‘Chicago’, 1961, dated only two years later than the movie.



Harry Callahan, ‘Chicago’, 1961

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Harry Nankin


Melbourne photo media artist Harry Nankin has a new exhibition, briefly. It’s his PhD exhibition which will run for four days, closing this Friday.

“Harry Nankin is an Australian photographer and environmental artist. He often uses the camera-less ‘photogram’ or ‘shadowgram’ to record ecological phenomena: employing processes that are partly land art, partly performance and partly photography, he endeavours to turn the landscape itself into a camera.”

Harry’s website harrynankin.com shows the ambition of his large scale projects. Many of them employ giant sheets of photographic paper exposed directly to the landscape at night. He doesn’t take photographs of nature, nature itself makes the photograph.