432 rises on Park Avenue


Manhattan is having a growth spurt. Three of the tallest apartment buildings in the world are going up and the publicity machine is in overdrive.

One of them, 432 Park Avenue, is an elegant white grid that rises to 1400ft, about as high as the Empire State Building, but all apartments. Several top floor penthouses sell for up to $80 million each (with annual fees of $360,000!). For the billionaire who absolutely must be on top of everyone else, this is for you.

Despite my envy and resentment toward the top 1%, the building is rather beautiful, and the photography and design of its marketing is innovative. Go to the elegant website and scroll in and out, it’s fun: 432parkavenue.com/

Then watch the amazing footage of the building going up: 432parkavenue.com/new-construction-in-NYC




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