Mr Herzog’s Kodachromes


Fred Herzog, Curtains, 1972

Fred Herzog is an 85 year old Canadian who’s having a late career spurt.

In 1953, after emigrating to Canada from postwar Germany, he started photographing the streets of Vancouver with Kodachrome film. Over the years he took 120,000 photographs. roughly 3,333 rolls of film. They were not widely seen because slide film was not easily or affordably printed and anyway he was not pursuing a career as a professional street photographer.

Now, with the combination of digital scanning and inkjet printing, his slides have found a new, public life in print and book form. Herzog’s long career as a photographer is being exhibited, written about, and published in a book. You can see what a sharp eye he had, patiently combing the streets for visual surprises and the obscure coincidences that only street photographers catch.

You can also see the special beauty of Kodachrome film and what a loss it is to the visual arts.


Fred Herzog, Go, 1985


Fred Herzog, Diefenbaker, 1962


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