Duane Michals at 83

Michals-Nora Barnacle

Duane Michals, Nora Barnacle, 2011

Some people just never give up. At age 83, the esteemed photographer Duane Michals has recently produced a new portfolio.

“Using 19th-century collodion prints on brown or black lacquered iron as his surface, Michals enriches the original images with oil paint, altering but not entirely obscuring the sitters’ features. Each 19th-century image is playfully rejuvenated by the addition of vibrant color and the artist’s witty allusions to visionaries such as Picasso and Picabia.”

You can see the complete folio on the DC Moore gallery website.


Duane Michals, James Joyce, 2012


Duane Michals, Molly Bloom, 2012



Michals at work in his tiny workspace.


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