Filmed through a water droplet




Japanese designer Dan Tomimatsu has produced a short and rather poetic film using only an iPhone, a coin and a drop of water. It shows a young woman communing with nature while musing poetically, but what distinguishes it is that it used a drop of water for the lens. The water was held inside the hole in a Japanese coin, using only surface tension to keep it in place.

A drop of water is transparent and more or less lens shaped and focusses light pretty well. The images are not optically sharp and wobble when the camera is moved but the effect is beautiful and suits the film’s content. The film is called O, a play on the French word for water, eau. Like the water drop, the film reminds you in its images of other spheres transmitting light, the human eye which itself is a kind of water droplet, and the sun itself. Click here to see it:

There is a reason why we used an iPhone and not a high resolution video camera. We wanted to prove that beauty exists here in our daily life, and that to do so in 2015, all you need is an iPhone, water and a coin.

“O” – eau- is a film made of water.
The one and only water lens is achieved by utilizing surface tension,
dripping a waterdrop in the hole of a Japanese five-yen-coin.
Water lenses are fragile: they tremble in the wind,
break by the touch of a finger, but yet universal,
watching the world as a dew on a leaf, or a drip from a faucet, or water inside you.

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