Muybridge in South Melbourne


Greg Neville, Momentum, 2015

Eadweard Muybridge has landed in South Melbourne. A prominent architectural firm has designed an apartment building that celebrates the great 19th century photographer of Animal Locomotion. It’s facade has rows of his leaping figures in shiny etched panels.

Designed by architects Ashton Raggatt McDougall and inspired by Melbourne’s sporting heritage, the energetic motif represents human endeavour, individuals in action and life as a never-ending journey.

“ARM’s website explains: Momentum is a seven storey residential building with a deep visual texture and a crafted lithographic facade. The new facades are conceived as a maze, which makes the separation of floors and apartments more ambiguous and dynamic. The re-scaling and deep visual texture of the new elevation relies on the optical contrast between the light and shiny planes of the metal balustrade panels and the darker and more detailed zones of the balconies and glazing.”


Momentum can be found at the corner of Eastern Road and Palmerston Road in South Melbourne. It’s in a very appealing, villagy location, opposite a local pub and only a few metres from the parkland at Albert Park lake.


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