Che Chorley on Petapixel

Che-Chorley                  South Australian photographer Che Chorley has had the distinction of being featured on the popular photography blog Petapixel. Seen by millions every year, Petapixel is amongst the top rating blogs in the world, in any category, so having your work presented there is an event.

Chorley specialises in photography about water- surfing, diving, swimming, anything wet. His image of a threatening ocean ‘Breathe for Me’ was recently shown in the Bowness Prize at the Monash Gallery of Art, another distinction. Here is my review.

The Petapixel article focuses on Chorley’s seascapes,.”Each shot is captured with the surface of the sea at about eye level, and each mainly shows the ocean, horizon, and sky.” It presents 25 of these images. You can read the article here.

Che-Chorley            Che Chorley, Breathe for Me, 2015

“I try to convey the romance, fear, trepidation, beauty, and power of the sea and its relationship to the human psyche.”



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