Leica business?

$_57For Sale: one Leica repair business. Price: $195,000.

Ebay has posted an unusual ad: a complete repair business for Leica cameras. The European Camera Service was the authorized Leica service agent for the whole of Australia.

The business was established in 1991 by technician, Jorg Heumuller who was trained at Leica in Wetzlar, Germany. He was sent to Australia to establish a Leica service centre for repairs, routine service and warranty jobs.

The offer is for the whole shebang, as you can see in the photo: “a full range of current Leica special tools essential for working on Leica cameras of the period without damaging or marking the cameras. It is not feasible to list every single component – serious buyers may contact us to discuss the inventory and make an appointment to view the collection.”

This is the most unique ad I’ve ever seen on ebay. To see the details click here.


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