Eamonn Doyle – ON

Doyle-1Eamonn Doyle’s second photo-book is called ON, and shows walking figures on the streets of Dublin. The figures are isolated and lost in thought in a similar existential way to the elderly figures in his previous book, called i – see my previous post. What caught my eye was the richness of the black & white tones, they’re like charcoal drawings.

Both books, ON and i, have received a lot of attention from the photographic press and Doyle is a “trending” street photographer. He’s yet another example of the popularity and resilience of that genre, established in the 1920s by the Leica camera and by photographers such as Andre Kertesz. The simple sight of people walking along a footpath gives photographers one of their most enduring fascinations.Doyle-2Doyle-3Doyle-9


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