Forum: Max and Olive


This Saturday, July 16, you can attend a free forum on the Max and Olive exhibition at the Ian Potter Museum. The speakers will discuss the work of Max Dupain and Olive Cotton, the “two luminaries of Australian Photography” who are the subject of the exhibition.

The three speakers are experts in this area having written and curated extensively about modernist photography in Australia, including the work of Dupain and Cotton.

Isobel Crombie is Assistant Director at the National Gallery of Victoria and wrote the excellent Body Culture, the book which analyses the ideological background of Dupain’s work.

Helen Ennis is Director of the Centre for Art History and Art Theory at the ANU’s School of Art.

And Shaune Lakin is Curator of Photography at the National Gallery of Australia.

The free Forum runs from 2-4pm at at the Ian Potter Museum, Swanston Street, Carlton.

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