Manifold is Passing By


“Manifold: of many kinds or varieties; varied or diverse in appearance, form, or character; numerous and abundant.

Tacit gallery is showing some prints from my Manifold series in a group show called Passing By. The photographs are close ups of weathered stone and rusting iron on 19th century graves. They were shot on black & white film with a Bronica medium format camera – yes, analogue.

Passing By is the fifth annual show with a group of friends who are former students of mine. Each year we choose a title and work independently to interpret it photographically. Past titles were Bound by Books, Momentary, Folded and After Words.

The Manifold images interpret the theme of “passing by” through the evocative surfaces of 19th century gravestones. The family name on one gravestone, Manifold, suggests the many lives and deaths commemorated in that cemetery. It stand for the brief lives poignantly commemorated there, the people who “passed by.”

The exhibition is at Tacit Contemporay Art in Abbotsford, and runs from October 5 to 16..


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