My Salon students

Cathy Hayward, Andy and his hors d’ouvres

The annual Kodak Salon at the Centre for Contemporary Photography is on and several of my students have put work in. This open entry show is a great opportunity for emerging photographers, it gives them a chance to try out the exhibition process and test their work against others. You can see a selection of their work at visual arts nmit blog.


CCP me

The Centre for Contemporary Photography is currently running the 2010 Kodak Salon, its annual open entry exhibition. This big, busy show “takes the temperature” of photography in Melbourne over the past year. Sort of. Anyone can put work in and they generally do, so you get a pretty wide range of quality. The walls are crowded 19th century salon style, so works have to compete for attention. I’ve been lucky in my submissions, always getting a really good, visible spot, and this year is no exception, you can’t miss it. The picture is from my Big Heads series, part of my MFA exhibition last year.

The other great thing about the Salon this year is how many of my current and former students are in the show. Soon I’ll do a post and show you their work.