Into the Hollow Mountain


Robert Ashton, Haircuts, 1974

The Colour Factory Gallery is showing a remarkable project by Robert Ashton, Into The Hollow Mountains: A portrait of Fitzroy in 1974.

This is a substantial photojournalist project on Melbourne in the 1970s, a time capsule now that Fitzroy has transformed from a hard graft working class suburb to a poncy version of Brooklyn’s trendy Williamsburg district.

I didn’t really understand at the time that the Fitzroy I had moved into was already deep inside a cultural and historical shift, a moment of transition that had been slowly building for some years … even by 1973, Fitzroy had begun to change. During the late 1960s, a rich multilingual community of hardship and glory had been knocked over to make way for the housing commission flats abutting Gertrude Street.

Click on the image to see some details of Melbourne life in 1974: 60¢ haircuts, Holdens and Falcons and empty streets!


Kanazawa Study

Rohan Hutchinson, from Kanazawa Study

Kanazawa Study is a series of large digital collages by Rohan Hutchinson. He uses a 10×8 inch view camera to capture details and textures of architectural surfaces in a historic locality in Japan. The images have a Zen quality, very cool and detached. They are assembled with great precision to contrast texture, colour and space creating ‘virtual architectural realms.’ I can imagine them looking at home in some Minimalist interior.

Hutchinson explores how the difference in architectural design and materials has changed throughout diverse time frames and class systems in the Kanazawa region of Japan, giving a 500-year overview of architectural practice within the region.

The exhibition is at the Colour Factory Gallery in Fitzroy