Urban Still Life 2




Greg Neville, Urban Still Life, Wednesday November 27, 2013

More images in my imaginary new genre, the ‘urban still life’, arrangements of objects and settings in the urban environment. These are pretty much as they came out of the camera, Levelled but uncropped, from my magic Fuji X100.


Your Documents Please 2

Your Documents Please is currently showing in New York, the last of eight venues across the globe (see my other post). The curators invited 270 artists across the world to produce small artworks derived from passports. Then, like a passport, the exhibition travelled internationally to be shown  in six countries.

I’ve shown a series called Fade which are Polaroid Transfers made from my passports and ID cards. These have been rubbed back and pencilled to resemble faded frescoes or the ancient funerary portraits of Egypt. You can see more from this series at gregnevillework.wordpress.com/face