Ebay camera no. 2


When its lens is extended this very old Minolta camera looks like a pagoda. How Japanese. Made from 1934 into the 1940s it was labelled at different times the Vest and the Best. It used 127 film which is discontinued, so it can’t be used, but it would make a nice conversation piece, along with ‘holey Rollei’ from the previous post.

Its period of manufacture coincides with the rise of nationalism and imperialism in Japan which culminated in the invasions of East Asia and the Second World War, so it’s interesting to speculate on the pagoda shape being a jingoistic gesture. Despite that, it’s a lovely Art Deco object and at $109, an affordable luxury.

You can see the camera for sale on ebay, and Camerapedia has a detailed description.

Minolta Vest

Minolta Best/Vest advertisement from c.1935