Retake Melbourne!


Screenshot of Retake Melbourne on

Here is Retake Melbourne on, the crowd-funding website. To contribute to this worthwhile project you simply pledge an amount, which is recorded, but not withdrawn from your account until/unless the target figure of $6000 is reached.

As explained in posts below, the money is needed for the design of a smartphone /iPad app to enable participation in the Strizic re-photography project.

Mark Strizic was easily the best photographic interpreter of Melbourne in the postwar years. His most notable work was done in the 1950s and 60s. Melbourne was a beautiful Victorian city in those days, and has changed a lot since then. The app will enable photographic “time travel” using Strizic’s photos of Melbourne locations. Users can re-photograph them from exactly the same location revealing the changes to the city in the intervening half century.

You can contribute to the project by clicking here and pledging an amount. We need your help.


Retake Melbourne on You-Tube

To help explain our crowd-funding appeal, Retake Melbourne, my associate James McArdle has put together this video for You-Tube.

The project needs funding for the design of an app that will enable anyone to upload a Strizic photo of Melbourne, and determine his exact location when the picture was taken. They can then make their own photos and compare Melbourne places separated in time by 50 years.