Greg Wayn

Greg Wayn Stanley 01

Greg Wayn, Stanley 01, 2013

Look at the precision in these fine photographs by Greg Wayn. Although they were taken recently in Tasmania, that doesn’t necessarily matter because their special interest is composition not subject matter.

Greg is an expert compositional photographer whose images often display the push-pull between the 3D subject and 2D design. His is a highly descriptive photography, the subject is always sharply rendered. But despite this realism, his main interest is the formal qualities of picture-making, the design, tones and lines.

Notice the quadrant of sky in each image and how it pops out as a positive space in the picture. It’s not a hole in space above the horizon but a thing with its own mass. In the image above, the sky is a horizontal pattern contrasting the vertical pattern of the shed. In the one below, the dark cliff recedes to the background making the light sky come forward in space.

Greg exerts precise control over small elements of his compositions. See below how that tiny sliver of sea peeps over the concrete wall? It separates the tones of the wall and sky, it underlines the sky, and it subtly denotes the picture as a marine subject.

You can see many more images on his blog, Photoworks, and on his website

Greg Wayn Stanley 02

Greg Wayn, Stanley  02, 2013


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